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Whether you’re seeking a professional opportunity after graduation, applying for an internship or looking for a job while you complete your studies, creating a college student resume is the best way to share your skills and experience with employers. Let’s look at seven steps . Mission of The mission of is to assist a job seeker with how to write a resume, distributing a resume, tips for interviewing, and numerous tools to get the perfect job. was designed for everyone from the novice job hunter to the HR professional. Please enjoy So, instead of "I am a hardworking college student," write, "Hardworking college student." Tips for Writing a College Student Resume Summary Statement. Use appropriate action words, as these help the reader understand exactly what your skills and previous responsibilities involved.

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Employers know that, however, so they don't expect to see a lengthy list of jobs, college student resume help. As a college student or recent graduate, you have many achievements that will qualify you for internships, summer jobs, and your first post-graduation position.

You can also college student resume help the skills that best qualify you for the jobs for which you're applying. Taking the time to show the employer that you have the right skills will help get your application considered for an interview.

If you're not sure what to include, do some brainstorming about all of your past experiences, including work-related positions, volunteering, academic experience, campus leadership positions, extracurricular activities, internships, and any awards or special recognition you may have received. They can all be included on your resume. Make a list of all you have accomplished during your time at college, and include the achievements that are most relevant to the job you are applying for your resume.

You'll need to tweak your resume each time you applybut it's well worth the extra effort. If you have limited work and extracurricular experience, you can emphasize your academic history. It's much college student resume help to review your resume to check the formatting and catch errors, if you print it out.

You'll be able to make sure there is plenty of white college student resume help, your resume is readable, and you haven't made any mistakes. A resume example can help you decide what kind of content to include, as well as how to format your resume. However, be sure to tailor a resume example to fit your own experiences, and the job you are applying for, college student resume help. Highly analytical and detail-oriented emerging professional, poised to excel within entry-level Accounting role requiring strong mathematical and organizational acumen.

Completed comprehensive studies in Accountancy. Accounting co-op experiences:. Provided attentive customer service to patrons of high-volume office supply store.

Helped customers with product selection, stocked shelves, and operated point-of-sale system. Review college student resume help sample resumes and resume templates for college students and graduates applying for internships, summer jobs, and full-time positions to get ideas for your own resume. Otherwise, ask a friend or family member to review your resume for you. Include all your achievements: You can include more than paid work experience on your resume.

Highlight your most relevant skills: Focus your resume and cover letter on the skills that qualify you for the job. Tweak your resume for the job: Take the time to tailor your job application materials for every job you apply for. Start with a template: Download a template to use as a starting point for writing your own resume.

Get assistance: Need more help? Check with your college career services office for guidance. Job Searching Resumes. By Alison Doyle. Emphasize Academics. Match Your Skills to the Job. Circle the experiences and skills on your brainstormed list of experience that relate directly to the job or jobs you have targeted. Incorporate those circled items into your resume. You can elaborate on some of these experiences in a bulleted list under each one.

Highlight Your Achievements. Create a Skills Section, college student resume help. Print Your Resume. Download the Word Template. Communications : Communicate well both orally and in writing, college student resume help, effectively explaining complicated financial data to clients and stakeholders. Key Strengths : Work well both independently and as a dedicated team member. Natural and proactive problem-solver, diligently reviewing work products to identify and eliminate errors.

German Manufacturing Spring : Honed expertise in payroll accounting for a member workforce. Rehired by management in recognition of punctuality, attention to detail, and excellent work ethic. Type of Student. Review resume examples listed by type of student and graduate. Type of Job. Review resume examples for specific types of entry-level jobs for graduates.

Use these downloadable resume templates to create your own resume. Article Table of Contents Skip to section Expand. What to Include in Your Resume. Resume Writing Tips. Resume Samples Listed by Type. Review Your Resume. Continue Reading.


College Student Resume Sample & Writing Tips | Resume Companion


college student resume help


So, instead of "I am a hardworking college student," write, "Hardworking college student." Tips for Writing a College Student Resume Summary Statement. Use appropriate action words, as these help the reader understand exactly what your skills and previous responsibilities involved. This template is a great starting point, but you’ll definitely want to get a second pair of eyes on it from Monster’s Resume Writing Service to help move your resume to the top of the pile. Additionally, you can learn about entry-level careers or search for college student jobs on Monster. College resume template. How to write a college student resume (with examples) by Kate Lopaze. Mireille wants to use her campus’s job fair to help line up her first job out of college. And to do that, she knows she needs to stand out from a crowd of other people (like her fellow classmates) to get attention from the financial firms attending the fair.